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Barn Cat Program

Barn Cats are the “Clint Eastwoods” of cats… hearty, healthy, tough and ready to earn their keep! Barns Cats help “naturally” and affordably control rodent problems.

By adopting Barn Cats, you are giving them a job and a second chance doing what they do best. Barn Cats save you money by eliminating and discouraging rodents from scavenging and nesting near your feed, crops and home, without poisons or messy traps and glue pads.

You provide food, water, shelter and basic humane care for Barn Cats in exchange for a rodent-free barn and property. We encourage placing two cats at a time.

A $65 adoption fee helps cover spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations.

Please call us at 210-422-6242 to see if we have any organic pest control cats available.