Board Members & Staff

The Board

Bruce Mays - President

Bruce Mays
Linda Wells

Linda Wells - Vice President

Lauryn Smith - Secretary

Sharon Norwood

Sharon Norwood - Treasurer

Monica Rangel - Board Member

Dustin Blaschke - Board Member

Nelson Needham - Board Member

Nelson Needham
Allan McKay

Allan McKay - Executive Director

Sally Bergstedt - Administrative Assistant

Sally Bergstedt

Kate Thomas - Administrative Assistant

Meagan Wall - Neonatal Trainer & Coordinator

Meagan Wall
Sue St. Cyr

Sue St. Cyr - Operations Manager

Alyssa Vargas - Kennel Technician

Kayla Dillberg - Kennel Technician

Kayla Dillberg - Kennel Technician

Foster Trainers

Mary Finch – Kitten Foster Trainer & Lois Tanigawa

Adoption Counselors

Front Row L-R Sue St. Cyr, Trishia Yokio. Back Row L-R Holly Templeton & Lois Tanigawa

The A-Team

Volunteer Donation Sorters. Front Row L-R Sue Caulton, Jana Kaiser (Team Leader), Sue Fox. Back Row L-R Bill Buckingham, Pam Banks, Dale Dettra and Charlotte Hulsman

Store Staff & Volunteers

L-R Front row Store Manager Debra Ator, Store Assitant Jane DenKewalter, Back Row L-R Volunteer Barbara Ann Ho, Donation Station Attendant Ben Collier